DIAL Recreation Program


DIAL Recreation Flyer

DIAL Overview 

DIAL’s Recreation Program for Individuals with Disabilities and Frail Elderly are looking for interested residents of Passaic County to join this group. The program takes place two times per week on Tuesday and Thursdays from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.


The service is for recreational opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities and the Frail Elderly.  The program that is offered provides stimulating and intellectual topics.  In the morning there is a group discussion centered around Current Events, Reminiscing and Sports.  Other activities offered are:  Trivia, Poetry Readings, and Name That Tune.  During Reminiscing Group there is a discussion centered around Old Time Advertisements, War, Childhood Memories, Old Time Radio Shows and Time Spent with Families During the Holidays.

These programs offer consumers opportunity to engage in social interaction and develop other skills.  The group also participates in Baking Sessions.  Additional program activities include:  Crafts, Guest Speakers, Exercise, and Parties with Entertainment.  Other days the participants have fun playing games like BINGO, Bean Bag Toss, and Word Games.