Hazardous Material Control Board (HMCB)

Hazmat Coordinator: Jennifer Terwilliger         jterwilliger@cliftonnj.org  (973) 470-5769

HMCB Secretary:  Victoria Kaufman                vkaufman@cliftonnj.org  (973) 470-5770 

Fax: (973) 470-5768

What is the Hazardous Materials Control Board (HMCB)?

Adopted by the Municipal Council of the City of Clifton on June 21, 1988.

The Hazardous Materials Control Board shall serve without compensation in matters touching on and concerning the prevention and control of hazardous chemicals and materials. It shall also serve as the “Local Emergency Planning Committee” (LEPC) AS PER FEDERAL REGULATION.

The Board makes recommendations to ensure that storage and use of hazardous chemicals in Clifton are done in accordance to federal, state, and local laws to ensure the safety of the residents and businesses in Clifton. All new businesses within the City of Clifton are required to complete a Building Department CBC application and must report any hazardous materials that will be used or stored onsite via HMCB application and Fire Department Inventory Sheet.

*Each and every facility located within the boundaries of the City of Clifton shall be required to file with the HMCB of the City of Clifton materials outlined in Chapter 45, Section 7 of the City of Clifton code. 

Schedule of Meetings

The HMCB meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month (except July & August unless needed) at 3:30pm at Clifton City Hall, 1st Floor Conference Room.  The public is welcome and encouraged to attend all meetings.  Please see calendar for all meeting dates.


Who are the Board Members?

Established by municipal resolution, the HMCB is an advisory body composed of the following 13 members appointed by the Council. 


Gibson, William

Municipal Council Liaison - Alt.


Mary Sadrakula

Municipal Council Liaison


Shukaitis, Steve

Environmental Commission Liaison


Collins, Dan

Office of Emergency Management


Neglia, John

Public Appointee


Onder, Michael

Fire Public Safety Department - Alt.


Prezioso, Frank

Fire Public Safety Department


Danielson, Kevin

Fire Public Safety Deparment


Davey, Michael

Police Department


Kida, Kasey

Police Department - Alt.


Biegel, John

Health Department


Intili, Nino

Health Department - Alt.


Kaufman, Victoria



Terwilliger, Jennifer

Hazardous Materials Coordinator


Guilfoyle, Kevin

Building Department


Lotorto, Joseph

Building Department, Alt


Patti, Joseph

Industry Representative


Patel, Chandra

Industry Representative


DeGhetto, Dean

Industry Representative


 Chupick, Bradley

Industry   Representative Alt.



Media Representative


Hoffman, Deborah 

Local Commercial Community


Morresi, Angelo

Local Commercial Community - Alt.



How long are the terms of office?

Three (3) years

What are the powers and duties of the HMCB?

1)    Make recommendations to the Municipal Council for regulations of inspection, control, and supervision of hazardous chemicals and materials in the City of Clifton which includes fines and penalties.

2)    Create and support education awareness to the citizens of Clifton of dangers, hazards and problems with the use and release of hazardous chemicals and materials.

What materials need to be filed with the HMCB?

1)    Community Right to Know Survey (ANNUALLY) (DEQ-094)

2)    Section 311 of SARA Title

3)    EPA Form R, Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Reporting Form and DEQ-100

4)    NJ DEP Form DEQ-80

5)    Other paperwork will be requested by the HMCB (such as the Hazardous Materials Control Board Application and Chemical Inventory Statement)

What enforcement powers does the HMCB have?

1)    Powers and remedies are provided under 42 U.S.C § 11046(a)(2), and under any other applicable federal or state law or regulation.

2)    Other additional powers and remedies as may be available under any state or federal law, rule or regulation or as may be available under any other ordinances of the City of Clifton, or as may be available under common law.


What does HMCB review once Building Application is submitted?

1)    Review any Building plans submitted (engineering or architect)

2)    Review Clifton HazMat Board Chemical Inventory Sheet and HMCB Application

3)    Review company’s liability insurance and fire insurance or certificate of insurance specifying risks covered by insurance policies.

4)    HMCB needs at least 75% vote of its attending members. It may require, from any applicant facility that is not in compliance with the requirements, a hazard analysis alone, or a with risk assessment of the chemicals and substances at the building for which the application is made.

5)    If there are any changes in quantity after initial approval, the facility shall be required to submit a written report detailing the changes for the Board’s information, review and action.


Violations and Penalties

Any person, firm or corporation violating HMCB ordinance, and upon conviction can be punished by a fine not exceeding $1,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 90 days.  Each day that violation continues shall constitute a separate offense.


Fees collected by HMCB?

Fees are collected annually based on Right to Know surveys submitted from facilities previous year survey and budget. (See Clifton Ordinance 45-11)



The HMCB provides community education.  Speakers are available to come and talk at schools, community meetings, health fairs, science fairs, etc. Please contact the Hazmat Coordinator to set up a speaker.


Please report any hazards or complaints to the HazMat Coordinator at (973) 470-5769.


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