Health/Human Services Department - Medical Programs

Nursing Department
Evaluation and referral of home health problems.

Communicable disease control: hepatitis, meningitis, salmonella, shigella, giardiasis, tuberculosis, and others.

Prenatal and postpartum home visits for evaluation, support, and referral.

Non-public school nursing programs

Clinical Services (By Appointment Only)

BLOOD DRIVE: Held twice a year.

BLOOD LEAD SCREENING: Children who are at risk for elevated levels of lead in the blood.


CHOLESTEROL SCREENING: Blood test for total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, glucose. PSA available for men. Laboratory fee charged.

COLORECTAL CANCER SCREENING: Take home tests for hidden blood in the stool.

DENTAL CLINIC: Available to school age children. Financial statement required.

FLU / PNEUMONIA CLINIC: Influenza and pneumonia shots for adults.

IMMUNIZATION CLINIC: Required immunizations for pre-school and school age children.

ORAL CANCER SCREENING: Examination of teeth, gums, tongue, and cheeks for pre-cancerous lesions.

PODIATRY SCREENING: Check for abnormalities of the foot and ankle.

SKIN CANCER SCREENING: Check for skin abnormalities on all parts of the body.

TB CLINIC: Skin testing and chest examination for tuberculosis. Provide supervision and medication for positive skin test reactors and tuberculosis patients.

VISION SCREENING: Examination for cataracts, glaucoma, and vision difficulties. No prescription given for lenses or contacts.

WELL BABY CLINIC: Health appraisal, pediatric exam and immunization of infants and pre-school children up to age 5. Emphasis on prevention and maintaining health of the well child. Not for sick children.

WIC: Blood tests for children enrolled in WIC program. St. Joseph's Hospital WIC program uses facilities at Health Department twice per month. Call 754-4575 for appointment.

WOMEN'S CANCER SCREENING: Pap test, pelvic and breast exam for women ages 18 and up. Instruction in breast self-examination and referral for reduced cost mammogram. Female doctor attending.