A Tribute to Clifton's Centennial: Retrospect Shows

Posted: Thursday, June 01, 2017

Clifton, New Jersey is an American city of people and places with hopes and dreams. This year we are proud to celebrate Clifton’s 100th anniversary with a special tribute.                 

“A Tribute to Clifton’s Centennial: Retrospect Shows” is an art exhibit and sale of artwork showcasing retrospect exhibits from “Locally Made in Clifton” by the Clifton Classical Academy Charter School students, “A Clifton Homecoming: Sculptures and Artwork” by former Cliftonite, Richard Pitts, “Celebrating Clifton” by Clifton Association of Artists and “Clifton: From Our Generation to Yours” by Clifton High School students.

All four exhibits are samplers of what Clifton is about and pay tribute to Clifton’s 100th birthday anniversary year. 

In addition, Clifton: Then & Now books are on sale in the gallery.

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