Cream of the Crop

Posted: Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Clifton Health Department has created the Cream of the Crop award to recognize qualified retail food establishments in the City of Clifton. The recipients were recognized at the March 12, 2019 Board of Health meeting held at Clifton City Hall. Cream of the Crop Awards were given to Risk Type 3 Food Establishments who have shown consistent dedication to food safety and sanitation standards. A Risk Type 3 Food Establishment has an extensive menu which requires adhering to advanced food safety practices including cooking, cooling, and reheating at least three or more potentially hazardous foods.


Eligibility Criteria:

In order to be eligible and receive the Cream of the Crop Award, a retail food establishment must:

  1. Possess a valid food retail license.
  2. Be a Risk Type III.
  3. Actively be involved in the sale of food items, prepared on site, to the public.
  4. Must have thirty-six consecutive months of satisfactory ratings. 
  5. Must have a person on staff that is in possession of a Food Protection Manager certificate from one of three courses recognized by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. The following three courses are recognized:
    1. SERVSAFE – National Restaurant Association – Educational Foundation
    2. National registry of Food Safety Professionals
    3. Thompson Prometric
  6. Must have a history of consistent compliance and dedication in regards to food safety and sanitation standards.
  7. Must demonstrate knowledge in regards to food borne disease and illness prevention, HAACP principles, and the requirements set forth in NJAC 8:24 Chapter 24.  




The following restaurants were recognized:

Alexus Steakhouse & Tavern, 955 Valley Rd., 07013

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill, 375 Route 3 East, 07014

China House, 402 Lexington Ave., 07011

Chris Casey & Company, 157 5th Ave., 07011

Con Sabor A Peru, 109 Lakeview Ave., 07011

Happy Garden, 1154 Main Ave., 07011

Henry’s Delicatessen, 1224 Van Houten Ave., 07013

Homemade Pirogi, 1295 Main Ave., 07011

Instanbul Café & Restaurant, 1378 A Main Ave., 07011

It’s Greek To Me, 852 Route 3 West, 07012

Jaimito’s O.K. Rico Restaurant, 389 Lexington Ave., 07011

Jamie’s Restaurant, 915 Bloomfield Ave., 07012

La Nona Restaurant, 405 Lexington Ave., 07011

Mario’s Restaurant, 710 Van Houten Ave., 07013

Matthew’s Italian Restaurant, 1131 Bloomfield Ave., 07012

Mighty Quinns BBQ, 850 Route 3 West, 07012

Noches De Colombia, 1 Village Square East, 07011

Rutt’s Hut, 413-417 River Rd., 07014

Shannon Rose Irish Pub, 98 Kingsland Rd., 07014

Sodexo Operations 77 River Rd., 07014

Spuntino Italian Tapas & Wine Bar, 70 Kinsgland Rd., 07014

T.G.I. Friday’s, 826 Route 3 West, 07012

The New Corral, 499 Hazel St., 07011

Uno Chicago Grill, 426 Route 3 West, 07014

Valley Regency, 109 Valley Rd., 07013

Villa Pizza, 290 Lakeview Ave., 07011

Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar, 850 Route 3 West, 07012


These restaurants have three consecutive years of satisfactory inspections in accordance with the New Jersey State Administrative Code (Chapter 24) and City of Clifton local ordinances for a Risk Type 3 Food Establishment.

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