City Manager

About the Manager

The City Manager serves as the chief executive and administrative official of the City of Clifton. Working under the supervision of the Municipal Council, the City Manager is responsible for appointing and removing department heads and other officials, negotiating contracts, and preparing the tentative budget with the approval of the Council.

Duties & Responsibilities

It is the duty of the City Manager to report all activities and recommendations to the Council. The City Manager also makes formal reports of his work to the Council annually and upon their request. Other duties may be required of the City Manager by ordinance or resolution of the Council. The City Manger attends meetings of the Municipal Council with the right to participate in discussion, but without the right to vote on ordinances and resolutions.

Acts as Supervisor

The City Manager, in addition to appointing and removing department heads, must also supervise the direction that the departments take and assign them to special projects accordingly. The City Manager may investigate the activities of officials and departments, set the number of employees in any Division, and grant leaves of absence to employees of the City.

Responsible for Executing All Laws

The City Manager is also responsible for executing all laws and ordinances of the City and assuring that all terms and conditions of contracts are kept and performed as to protect the interests of the City and its residents. The City Manager is required to report any violation of such terms to the Municipal Council.

Related Departments

The office of the City Manager also oversees the Personnel Department, Cable Television Department, Economic Development, and the Management Information Systems Department.

City Documents

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