Health And Human Services

Animal Control

Animal control maintains a safe and secure city by providing a healthy environment for human and animal residents living in our community.

Arts Center 

Launched in the millennium year 2000, the Clifton Arts Center today is shaped by our commitment to the Clifton community including students, parents, faculty, friends, senior citizens, and all local citizens of Clifton and the surrounding communities.

Clifton Municipal Alliance (CASA) 

The CASA Foundation is an independent, non-political, non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the problems of Substance Abuse within the City of Clifton.

Clifton Health Department

The Department of Human Services was created by the City Manager and approved by the Mayor and Municipal Council under a plan for the reorganization of municipal departments.

Hamilton House

This 18th Century Dutch gambrel-roofed homestead was once the home of the Van Wagoner and Hamilton families. The basic plan of the house does not greatly differ from its Dutch antecedents.

Individuals with Disabilities and Special Needs

Clifton's Advisory Committee for Individuals was created by the Municipal Council in 1980 according to the provisions of New Jersey law to advise the Council in matters concerning residents with disabilities.


The Recreation Department was divided with the Maintenance Division being transferred to the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Works and the program division under the Department of Human Services. 

Senior Services

The activities provided to residents are divided into three categories: Older Adult Services, Nutrition Programs, and Outreach/Transportation

Social Services

The Clifton Health Department - Social Services Division offers assistance in a wide variety of areas. the goal of this division is to improve the overall well-being of individuals. families, and the community as a whole. 

Human Services Logo

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