Snow Recommendations

Snow Removal Procedure

  • Street brining may begin up to three days prior to expected snow storm.
  • Snow plowing will begin after 2 inches of accumulation.
  • Once snow begins falling all residents should park cars in driveway, parking is strictly prohibited on certain streets and car owners will be fined. Please review the list of streets (PDF) and map (PDF).
  • Plows will make multiple passes on streets please wait until all snow fall has stopped and your street is clear of all snow before returning cars to the street.
  • Under no circumstance should snow be deposited from your property onto the street. Doing so will result in a fine.

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Snow Shoveling Recommendations

  • To help avoid having to clear snow from in front of your driveway multiple times, deposit snow on the left side of driveway (when facing your house).
  • Prior to shoveling stretch as though you would prior to exercising to help avoid injury.
  • Avoid moving snow twice, make a plan prior commencing shoveling, which should include clearing off your cars first.
  • Move snow the shortest distance. For example clear a strip along the perimeter of your driveway, then from the center of your driveway move the snow to the left and right. This is more efficient and easier than making passes the entire width of driveway.
  • Maintain proper posture; keep your back straight, bend at the knees utilizing your leg muscles, take a step in the direction your tossing the snow rather than twisting at the waist.
  • Stay hydrated and avoid overheating, drink plenty of water and dress in easily removable layers. This is often overlooked because it is cold out but you are exerting energy and sweating as you shovel. Take frequent breaks to avoid overexertion.
  • Get a head start, it's easier to shovel a few inches multiple times rather than waiting for a storm to end and shoveling it all at once.
  • Use de-icer after shoveling, throw low along the ground so pellets or salt bounce into a uniform layer. Remember a little bit goes a long way.
  • Stretch when finished to help avoid soreness the next day.

Parking Enforcement for Winter Storms

When significant snow is expected, extra attention will be given to parking violations within the city. This will be done to allow for the passage of emergency vehicles through streets that are already narrow in size, as well as to facilitate snow plowing and snow removal. To avoid receiving a summons, please ensure that your vehicle is legally parked.