Clifton's Municipal Alliance (CASA)

Who We Are

The Clifton Against Substance Abuse (CASA) Foundation is an independent, non-political, non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the problems of Substance Abuse within the City of Clifton.


  • Coordinate and provide advice and funding support for other Clifton non-profit organizations wishing to implement a substance abuse program to help accomplish our mission
  • Develop and sustain educational programs dealing with the prevention of substance abuse
  • Provide a single information resource for Clifton residents, service, civic and religious organizations in their efforts to combat substance abuse


The CASA Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees drawn from a cross section of the business, professional, governmental and educational communities. All are volunteers, contributing their experience and expertise to attack the problem of substance abuse.

Defining the Substance Abuse Problem

Substance abuse in Clifton is a fact of life. Substance abuse is found in every section of our community. It is becoming commonplace in schools, homes and industry, affecting young and old alike.

Drug Laws

Drug laws are designed to help control the problem but they do not eliminate or prevent it. Before there can be effective control, there must be widespread education and understanding in the community. The tragic effects of substance abuse must be dramatically portrayed so that it is abundantly clear that the use of drugs does not solve any problems.

In these times, it is particularly important that responsible people throughout Clifton — especially parents, teachers, governmental officials and employers — know and understand the impact of substance abuse and the long-term effect it has on the mental and physical health of our community.

How You Can Help

One of the problems facing us is the frustration in our inability as individuals to do something positive to stop this problem.

Parents, teachers, firemen, policemen, employers and others in supervisory positions should learn the signs of substance abuse in order to recognize the problem early enough to take effective action.

However, we can start by responding as a group. If the community comes together, individual voices of frustration become a choir of concern. Become a CASA volunteer.

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