A Message from the Director

Welcome to the Clifton Arts Center & Sculpture Park. Launched in the millennium year 2000, the Clifton Arts Center today is shaped by our commitment to the Clifton community including students, parents, faculty, friends, senior-citizens and all local citizens of Clifton and the surrounding communities.

Our most essential element is people. People of all ages and backgrounds are the pieces that allow this dynamic Arts Center to carry on. We hope that you make your visit to the gallery your own special experience. Our unique cultural exhibitions and programs, whether local or regional continue to inform and delight visitors.

Few things speak powerfully to us, other than art. You can find art in all forms and styles at Clifton Arts Center. Visit and explore our site, from the outdoor sculpture park gardens to the indoor gallery exhibits.

- Roxanne Cammilleri

Director Roxanna Cammilleri