• Communicable disease control:  hepatitis, meningitis, salmonella, shigella, pertussis, & others.
  • Childhood Lead Case Management.
  • Immunization Audits of daycares, preschools and schools
  • Referrals for home health problems, adult immunizations, TB testing, low cost health services, & screenings for STDs & female cancer.

Our clinics and screenings are available to Clifton and Little Falls residents.

BODY MASS INDEX SCREENING*:  This screening will help assess your risk for developing overweight or obesity & associated diseases.

BONE DENSITY SCREENING*: An ultrasound of the forearm identifies people at risk for osteoporosis .

BLOOD DRIVE*:  Blood donation opportunity held at least twice a year.

BLOOD LEAD SCREENING:  Held to identify children who are at risk for elevated blood lead levels.

BLOOD PRESSURE SCREENING:  Please call for appointment.

CARDIAC ASSESSMENT*:  Learn your cardiac risk through cholesterol testing, blood pressure, BMI/Body fat composition, & waist circumference.

CHOLESTEROL & GLUCOSE SCREENING*:  Blood test for total cholesterol, HDL, LDL & triglycerides; blood test for glucose.

DENTAL CLINIC:  Available to school age children without dental insurance.

FLU CLINIC:  Influenza shots for adults & children.

HEARING SCREENING*: Screening to determine if more extensive hearing tests are required.

IMMUNIZATION CLINIC:  Required immunizations for pre-school & school age children who are
uninsured or have Medicaid Part A.

MEMORY ASSESSMENT*:  Are you absent minded lately or is it something more serious? Join us for a one-on-one memory assessment to address memory loss, risks & hygiene.

ORAL CANCER SCREENING:  Examination of teeth, gums, tongue, & cheeks for pre-cancerous lesions.

PODIATRY SCREENING*:  Screening for abnormalities of the foot & ankle.

PROSTATE SCREENING*:  PSA blood test & digital rectal exam for men between ages 50 - 75 years old.

SKIN CANCER SCREENING*:  Screening for skin abnormalities.

STROKE SCREENINGS*:  Evaluate your risk for stroke through cholesterol testing, blood pressure, pulse check, carotid artery assessment & stroke-related counseling.

VEIN SCREENINGS*:  Free blood circulation education & lower leg vascular ultrasound demonstration.

VISION SCREENING*:  Examination for cataracts, glaucoma, & vision difficulties.  No prescription given.

WELL BABY CLINIC:  Health appraisal, pediatric exam & immunization of uninsured infants & pre-school children up to age 5.  Emphasis on prevention & maintaining health of the well child.  Not for sick children.

* This screening indicates it is co-sponsored with an outside agency.