Health Education

What is Health Education?

  • Provides accurate information about ways to make healthy behavior changes.
  • Using pamphlets, flyers, public service announcements, programs, website, & social media, we provide information to the public to help citizens make wise decisions about their health.
  • Plays a vital role in developing new policies & standards that address existing & emerging challenges to our community’s health. 
  • Deliver progressive health programs for residents ranging from children to seniors through health research & training staff to maintain exceptional expertise.

SCHOOL HEALTH EDUCATION:  Available to non-public & public schools for program consultation & implementation.

SPEAKER SERVICE:  Programs on a variety of health topics to various types of groups.

HEALTH INFORMATION:  Provide & distribute educational materials on various health topics to help individuals make wise health decisions.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS:  We focus on minimizing the health threats from public health emergencies.  We are dedicated to educating citizens on how to prepare for & protect themselves during public health emergencies including those from chemicals, biological, radiological, nuclear & explosives.

PANDEMIC INFORMATION:  Information, programs & presentations are available on previous historic pandemics, current pandemic events & predicted future events. Please speak to our health educators to plan an event that will meet your specific needs.



EDUCATION BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS: Required training for at-risk city employees who may come in contact with blood & other potentially infectious material.

Blood Pressure Information

Breastfeeding Information

Stress Information

Lyme Disease


Heart Health Infographic - Eat More Color


Heart Health Infographic - Serving Size: