Community Development (CDBG)

In response to the recommendations made by the Newark FHEO Center on the City of Clifton’s CDBG Program:

  1. The City will schedule at least one public meeting in a neighborhood where 51% of more of the residents are LMI.
  2. The City will schedule at least one stakeholder consultation in a neighborhood where the highest rates of LEP persons are located and provide language assistance for interpretation.
  3. As part of the City’s 2022 Annual Action Planning process, the City will supplement the document with an analysis of the affordable housing needs of specific protected groups, including racial/ethnic minorities, families with children, persons with disabilities, among others. The City will include appropriate recommendations to address any impediments to fair housing that this additional may reveal.
  4. The City will in future CAPERs include a breakdown of the funds expended on its actions to overcome impediments to fair housing.

Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) FY-2021

2nd ph hearing ad 2022 AP Clifton -B-22-MC-34-0103

2nd ph hearing ad 2022 AP Clifton

Amendment - Streets to Randolph Sewer 5-17-2022 meeting

Yr. 48 Annual Plan 1st meeting Botany Village Office 4-28-2022

Botany SID - 2022 Owner Letter

Amendment- Power of One $100,000 12-7-2021

RFP - CDBG Accountant 2022

CPHA Annual Plan 2021 - Final

RFP Professional Planner Administrative 2021-2022

RFP Community Development Specialist Planning Technical Services 2021

Amendment - Streets 6-1-2021 meeting CANCELLED

Amendment - Alpha and Omega  6-1-2021 Council

CDBG - Program Year 2021 AAP

Public Notice 2nd PH and availability of AP

Public Notice 2nd PH - Spanish

CDBG Yr. 47 Action Plan 6-1-2021 Spanish

CDBG Year 47 Plan

CDBG - Substantial Amendment -CORRECTED - CARES-CV funding $738359 2-16-2021 with translations

Botany SID - Public Hearing Notice 2021

CDBG CV3 Clifton Application

Public Notice 2nd Consolidated Plan and Annual Plan 7-8-2020 Meeting - Contact Groups

Conoslidated Plan FY2020 Public Hearing 1st - English

Conoslidated Plan FY2020 Public Hearing 1st - Spanish

Citizen Participation Plan

Citizen Participation Plan - Spanish

Substantial Amendment to the 2019 CDBG Action Plan

Amendment - Consolidate Plan - Citizen Participation Plan 30 Day Comment Period Waiver

FY 2019 - Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report

Public Meeting Notice - 4-20-2023

Clifton Annual Action Plan - 2023

2nd public hearing - Herald Display Ad 5-15-2023

Language assistance services can be accessed through Hola Doctor.  Please contact the CDBG office at 973.470.5255, or email at

Translation service will be provided as required (on-site, over the phone, or video remote) to address the needs of any LEP individual accessing program services.

Community Development Block Grant

The Community Development Office administers the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) received each year from the federal government. Approximately 1.8 million dollars is received yearly.

To properly administer the grant, recommendations are made to the Mayor and Municipal Council and a Public Hearing is held. Upon approval of the Action Plan to administer the funds, funding is delegated to such organizations as: the Boys and Girls Club for Day Care, ServeCenters for reduced costs for Mental Health visits for Clifton residents, and DIAL to administer a handicapped workshop twice a week at St. Brendan’s Church.

Telephone translation will be available to address the needs of and LEP individual accessing program services on request.

Summer Literacy Program

A summer literacy program has also been developed by the Clifton Board of Education with use of CDBG funds to help non-English speaking families become more familiar with the English language.

Outreach Program

Our Outreach program is designed to provide rides for senior citizens and disabled citizens to doctors offices, therapy, and dialysis. Transportation is provided to disabled citizens for work shops and to disabled and senior citizens for food shopping.

Meals on Wheels

The Meals on Wheels program provides prepared meals to be delivered to the home bound, disabled and senior citizens and was previously administered through our Senior Center but is now provided for by the Passaic County Nutritional Program.

Street & Sidewalk Improvements

Community Development (CD) Funds are also used for street and sidewalk improvements in income qualified areas.

The renovation of Municipal Lot Number 8, or the First Street Parking Lot was completed with CD funds. Upgrades of the parking lot included new paving, planters, benches and trees.

Facade Program

A Facade Program with CDBG funds has also been developed to improve and encourage improvement in the Main Avenue and Botany Village business districts. Funds are used to rehabilitate businesses in need of new facades. Awnings and signs are also an acceptable request. Since the Program was such a success in Botany and Main Avenue, a City Wide Program has been developed to encompass those areas not included.

Service Recipients

The Community Development Block Grant program is designed to reach out to the lower and moderate income community as well as those groups which automatically qualify for services such as senior citizens and those that are handicapped in our community. We provide two walking/bicycle patrols in Botany Village for safety.

Home Improvement Program

A Home Improvement Program is also funded through the CDBG Block Grant which can been used by qualified homeowners to repair violations of the City’s Housing Ordinances with a grant of up to $10,000.