Retail Food Establishment Inspections

The Clifton Health Department performs retail food establishment inspections as per chapter 24 New Jersey State Sanitary Code. The department conducts inspections for the following places:

  • Child care centers
  • Mobile food vehicles
  • Nursing homes
  • Pet shops
  • Recreational bathing pools
  • Rooming homes

Evaluation Report

The evaluation of report as per Chapter 24 New Jersey State Sanitary Code (PDF).


Review the conditions an establishment can be in:

  • Satisfactory: The establishment is found to be operating in substantial compliance with chapter 24.
  • Conditional: At the time of the inspection the establishment was found not be operating In substantial compliance with chapter 24
  • Unsatisfactory: Gross violations which pose an imminent health hazard. The health authority shall immediately request the person in charge to voluntarily cease operation.

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