About Us

Established by municipal resolution, the Clifton Environmental Commission is an advisory body composed of Clifton residents appointed by the Mayor.  It is comprised of 7 regular and 2 alternates including a member of the Clifton Planning Board.  All commissioners serve one, two and three-year terms.


Mission Statement:

Play a coordinating role among the diverse actors in environmental protection: the NJ Department Protection (NJDEP), US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), Soil Conservation Districts, local planning boards, boards of health and utilities authorities.



The Clifton Environmental Commission is comprised of 9 officially appointed members who guide the activities of the Commission.  Current Commissioners are:


  • Stephen Shukaitis- Chairman
  • Vera Lazar- Vice Member
  • Philip Binaso- Planning Board Member
  • Joseph Labriola-Member
  • John Neglia- Member
  • Alessia Eramo-Member
  • Samuel Sofer-Member
  • David DeGhetto- Member
  • Anthony Marrone- Member
  • Victoria Kaufman- Secretary
  • Jennifer Terwilliger- Health Department Representative
  • John Biegel- Health Department Representative