Dundee Island

Dundee Island Preserve

Dundee Island Preserve is a 1.4 acre area that is located on the Lower Passaic River in the Botany Village section of Clifton. It is unique in that is one of the few areas of the Lower Passaic River that is being designated as a nature preserve.


The purpose of the preserve is to provide a place where residents can learn about the natural ecology of the area and enjoy the natural beauty that the preserve provides. Two walkway paths are proposed to be added to the already existing pathways to provide greater accessibility to the site. Along these pathways educational signs will be placed that will describe the local flora and fauna of the area. Benches will also be added so people can sit and enjoy the scenic view of the nature preserve. An outdoor educational classroom is also proposed so that students in the surrounding areas can come to Dundee Island and learn about the area’s impact and importance to the surrounding environments.