Clifton Green Team

The Clifton Green Team is a sub-group of the Environmental Commission.

Here is a list of past Green Team Activities:

  • Established by municipal resolution in 1970, the Clifton Environmental Commission is New Jersey's first ever Environmental Commission that was formed in New Jersey. The Clifton Environmental Commission is an advisory body composed of Clifton residents appointed by the Mayor. It is comprised of 7 regular and 2 alternates including a member of the Clifton Planning Board. All commissioners serve one, two and three-year terms. The commission is also a member of ANJEC (Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions).
  • On June 8, 2016 Chapter 44, Environmental Commission of the City of Clifton Code was amended and passed designating the Environmental Commission as the "Green Team" for the City of Clifton. In doing so, this will facilitate the successful completion of the requirements for certification of Sustainable Jersey through the education, advisement, and encouragement of green initiatives within the community.
  • The role of the Green Team/Environmental Commission is to study, evaluate, and make recommendations to the City Council regarding local environmental issues, including (but not limited to): solid waste management and recycling; clean water resources; storm water management; energy conservation and renewable energy resources; air, noise, and light pollution control; preservation and use of parks and other open spaces; land use; and protection of flora, fauna, soil, and landscape throughout the City of Clifton. The Commission also conducts research and coordinates activities regarding the use and potential use of open land areas, including recommendations to the City Council for acquisitions of open space. It also serves as a watchdog for environmental concerns opportunities within the city.  The Clifton Environmental Commission is comprised of 7 regular members and 2 alternate members, who are officially appointed by the Mayor.  They guide the activities of the Commission. 
  • Anti-Idling Campaign: The City of Clifton was awarded a $2,000 Sustainable Jersey capacity-building grant to implement an anti-idling campaign throughout the city in 2017. Clean Air Clifton passed a no-idling resolution, promoted the installation of no-idling signage in a variety of priority locations such as schools and commercial loading areas, and implemented an extensive educational campaign using traditional communication methods and social media.  This educational campaign highlighted the current idling statutes and promoted the human health and environmental health benefits of reduced idling. 
  • Green Team performed the walkability School Travel Plan for School #2. 
  • Participates in the yearly Dundee Island Clean up that occurs on or about Earth Day.  Clifton’s Historic Botany District along with the Clifton Green Team participates in the River front cleanup.  Donations of cleanup supplies and food/water are received from local businesses to assist in the cleanup. 
  • Hosts Annual Rain Barrel workshops for Clifton Residents in conjunction with the Passaic County Watershed Ambassador to provide watershed awareness. Workshop attendees will learn about the problems associated with storm water runoff, ways to conserve water in their homes, and watershed friendly landscaping techniques.
  • Works closely with the Passaic County Watershed Ambassador to coordinate education with the Clifton High School Environmental students.
  • Works with the Clifton Schools Sustainable NJ coordinator and has led water quality testing field trip at Weasel Brook Park. 
  • Planned Household Hazardous Waste Day hosted in Clifton in conjunction with Passaic County of Health on October 27, 2018 and September 8, 2019.
  • Green Team/Environmental Commission meets monthly and is open to all City residents.
  • Green team is in the process of planning a Rain Garden project –Green Team will assist in the creation of Rain Garden on the City of Clifton Municipal complex in  May 16, 2019.
  • Sustainable Jersey subcommittee of Green Team meets frequently to work on obtaining Sustainable Jersey Bronze certification. 
  • Green Team will be increasing the frequency of social media posts on both Facebook and Instagram to engage the community. 
  • Green Team has purchased reusable shopping bags to initiate a reusable shopping bag campaign throughout the City. 
  • Green team coordinated planting the Clifton City Hall’s First  Rain Garden  along with the Watershed Ambassador on May 16, 2019.
Green Team Brochure 1
Green Team Brochure 2