Botany Village Satellite Office

Welcome to the City of Clifton Satellite Office located at 207 Parker Avenue, Botany Village, Clifton. This office is a result of the Clifton Health Department’s 2018 Community Health Assessment (CHA), which showed that there is a significant need for health-related services in the 07011 area of our City.  The purpose of this office is to reduce any barriers to health care such as language, transportation and access to health insurance our residents might face and provide health services to them directly in the community. The Clifton Health Department’s bilingual staff allows our residents to feel comfortable and ensure they are connected to the services they need. Our staff loves getting to know and working with our residents.

The office is shared with the Clifton Community Policing Division, who develops relationships with our community partners and residents to provide a safer Clifton.  Both the Clifton Health Department and the Clifton Community Policing Division work hard to keep our Botany Village area safe and healthy.


Botany Satellite Office

Watch this video that highlights just some of our successes over the past year!

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